America the Beautiful?

For as much as we think bad things about America, For as much as I find myself wondering if we are still the most prosperous country, for as much as I find myself wondering why people are still (in this day and age!) so eager to come to America “for a better future” or “for more opportunity”…. for all our failings. We have hope. We have possibility. We have ability if only we reach down and use it.

We should find ways to reach back in time and once again become a nation ruled by its people. A nation filled with rational, compassionate and passionate rebels who would rather stand for what is right than face letting injustice prevail. A nation of people who, rather than kowtow or be persecuted for insisting on living the way they believed was right, picked up and moved into the unknown half a world away and started their own darn nation.

Because they could.

Yet, today…half a world away…things are worse than the average American citizen can grasp. American foreign policy has evolved to the point where we no longer involve ourselves if there is no economic gain. Like the lion in the tale of the lion and the mouse…we see small third world countries and say “Why should I spare you? What could you possibly ever do for me?”

What we no longer understand is that we are still human. These people may live differently. They may look different. They may think differently…but they aren’t so different that we should be able to dismiss them.

I have a conscience.  Do you?

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