If I Had A Hammer I’d Hammer In The Morning

The voice in my head is singing this song. I don’t know why. I’m not hammering. Maybe that’s why.

Anyway, I was thinking…what’s that song about? Basically, if this person had a hammer he or she would be using it all the time..and for what? “To hammer out love between my brothers and my sisters all over this world.”

And at the end the song says I HAVE A HAMMER. So I’m thinking it means if you’ve got something use it, use it often and use it for the Greater Good, and by the way? We’ve ALL got SOMETHING.

This brings me to ponderous episode number 2:

What would you do with a million dollars? Seriously.

I would use a small part of it to house my family and make sure we had what we needed. I would set aside some of it for my children’s futures. And the rest? Down here it would be nice to own homes I could “donate” to active duty soldiers at Ft. Benning. They could live in one of my houses rent/mortgage free (they’d pay their own bills) and when/if they were deployed I would send a service over to do their yard work and would make myself available to help them locate whatever other services they might need while their dad or mom was away.

I would buy brand new (not luxury…but decent) cars and give them to people in need.

I would buy a hotel/motel and have a few rooms open for emergencies. (Homeless people or domestic violence victims who have left their homes with the clothes on their backs and their babies in their arms…)

I would advocate harder for preemies, making sure new parents could find me and I would supply them with preemie clothes or small preemie burial outfits and help them with the cost of the funeral if they needed that.

I’m sure there are other things I could think of…what about you?


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