Elisa Shares Mattisms and Stuff

Driving through Montgomery, AL we came to an intersection. I looked up and exclaimed , “Hey! Madison Avenue!”

Matt looked around and said, “Yeah…and Ripley. (pause) Believe it or not.”

At the grocery store we were shopping, but still trying to keep the grocery bill low. He stopped the cart in front of the popcorn, which was BOGO.

Me: “Do we really need two things of popcorn?”

Him: “But…a movie might come on.”


In the meantime, Abigail has gone from signing to speaking 95% of the time. (WOOT!) She will now sing along with tv commercials.

Nationwide is on your side.

We are Farmers babadabababaBA

and she’ll yell WHEEEE! and snort along with the pig from Geiko.

(and although she seems to favor insurance ads she likes to hit the end of that Australia tourism commercial).

She is singing the alphabet and she loves “Twinkle Star”

Signs slip out when she’s overwhelmed, but I’ll take that. From the totally unexpected and unprepared for “I couldn’t get your baby to pass her hearing test” after her birth two and a half years ago…to this? Yeah…I’ll take it. 🙂

Oh..and she’s also learning Spanish.


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