Happy Birthday, Caitria!!!

(click on thumbnails to see larger pictures — and I can’t get them to post in order. :/ )

Thirteen seems like an impossible age for you to be today. I swear not too long ago I was holding you in my arms and kissing your little bald head. Then I blinked and you were talking and dancing.  I blinked again and I was walking you to your first day of Kindergarten, then your first Girl Scout meeting.

I was there for your first step and first word. Your first sneeze, your first illness. Your first scare, your first laugh, your first clap, your first smile, your first fall…I was there for your Band-Aid phase and you couldn’t sleep unless you had “boo-boo bans” on all your fingertips. I was there when you developed a sudden and insistent love for all things CHEESE.

I love your laugh, your smile, your sense of humor. I love that you know who you are and I love that you are kind and loving to those smaller/younger/less fortunate. I love that your eyes sparkle and dance and I love the way you bring joy to those blessed to be around you in any way for any period of time.

I love you for you. I’m proud of you. I hope and pray for the best for you and I pray you’ll be able to make the right decisions and mostly I pray that you won’t lose that inner you no matter what this life throws at you and no matter how old you get. Stay you. YOU are worth so much and I’m lucky to know you.

I love you very much. I always will.


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