Adios, Papa!

Matt’s job doesn’t require traveling, and as far as Abby’s concerned none of the jobs he’s had have required traveling. So, for being away from Daddy she’s just used to him going to work and coming home at dinnertime. She’s had to stretch her thinking a bit with this job and Matt being on call every other week.

However, yesterday he was told he’s going to be the company camera installer and “Hey, there’s a training. Tomorrow. In Florida.”


He’s uncomfortable with leaving us alone, but we’re ok. I love him for his worrying. He was worried about Abby and whether or not she would understand he’d be gone longer than usual and whether or not she would be ok with that or have a meltdown when he didn’t show up for dinner.

So, with a heart-to-heart talk revving up in his head he told Abby:

“Honey, Daddy’s work is sending Daddy to Florida for a few days.”

Abby, without missing a beat yells, “Bye!”

Giggling, I say, “Yeah, I think she’ll be fine.”



2 thoughts on “Adios, Papa!

  1. Yeah, kids take job trips in stride. Dad will be home when he gets home. It’s mummy that watches the clock go slower and slower. Much like that pot of water that never seems to boil.


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