Conversations with The Son v.1

via Facebook:
Me: Just buzzing past. I miss you, haven’t heard from you in a while. My cell phone died…um..ok. I washed it in the machine. I dried it, but it still didn’t work. Another one is on the way. It’ll be easier to text then. ((hugs))
Son: By “Dried it”, you mean you put it in the dryer?
Me: Well, yeah. I put it in one of Abby’s little socks so it wouldn’t get banged up…and dried it.Son: That would be why it doesn’t work.Me: How about it doesn’t work because it went through the washer?
Son: Well, yea potentially, but it’s possible you could have saved it then. Putting it in the dryer for sure would have killed it.
Me: Past experience has proven that “letting it air dry” doesn’t work. I thought if I ran it through the dryer it would definitely get dry all the way through. *cough*
[Son sends link to article about how to dry out your electronics by placing them in a bowl of white rice for 1-3 days.]
Me: That’s a waste of rice right there. I also have ADD…wait 3 days for my phone rice to be done? PFFT. DRYER IS FASTER. 30 min. LOL Doesn’t matter. Free phone, free minutes, free replacement.
Son: sure… but how long did you have to wait for them to send it
Me: It’ll def be here by Monday. She said 3-5 days. So if it isn’t here Fri or Sat I guess I can wait til Monday.
and I woulda had to wait 3 days to find out my phone still didn’t work before I could call…
Also a moot point since I “forgot” about it and didn’t call them for a few days. hahahahaha
Son: “wait 3 days for my phone rice to be done? PFFT” … “She said 3-5 days”
lmao, very well. i’m taking a nap. go to sleep or something. haha.
Me: Yeah. 3 days to wait for rice before she told me 3-5 days. I wouldn’t have gotten a new phone til May.  Have a nice nap. I’m playing House. Uh…MD..not like “I’ll be the mommy and you be the cat from next door…”

3 thoughts on “Conversations with The Son v.1

  1. Have I mentioned how much you scare me? I mean seriously. YOU. SCARE. ME. In the dryer? And I’d LOVE to see the socks that protect a mobile phone from being banged around in the dryer. Makes me think of that advertisement where the Dad was dipping the boys feet in a cement mixture to replace socks.
    Sometimes I’m just grateful you are in my life, but in another state entirely. 🙂


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