Here We Go Again (or the one where nothing gets fixed. Again.)

I just got off the phone with the landlord because our air conditioner doesn’t work. This past weekend it was around 90 outside and around 87 inside and at times cooler outside than inside. UNBEARABLE.

This is the same landlord who hasn’t sent anyone to fix our plumbing. The kitchen sink drains into the side yard, and the washing machine drains into the back side yard. It’s so wet back there that the grass grows at least a foot every week (I know this because I mow every week and it’s disgraceful), and it stays wet because the ground is so saturated it doesn’t soak up the water anymore. It’s hard to mow because the mower and I sink in and, well…ICK.

Because of the plumbing and standing soakage going on we have a LOT of mosquitos. We can’t sit on the front porch because the mosquitos are all over us. We’re going to get malaria or something.

But I digress. The air conditioner. A few months ago I called because the thermostat wasn’t working. It took a week to get that fixed and it was done by a scary hairy guy in a dirty beat up van. I’m just remembering that I’m in the South now which means that NO ONE calls actual PEOPLE to repair things, they all “know a guy” to do it for them half-assed or not at all for half price.

The thermostat still works…as far as I can tell…I think it’s the actual air conditioner that isn’t working. But I’m thinking the same moron redneck man is going to show up to fix that. He’ll ask what’s wrong, walk around for a while then say he’s “going for parts” and not come back for another week or so, only to finally ask “Is it fixed yet?”

Seriously..if it was going to magically repair itself it would have done so over the weekend when we were babying it.

I hate Alabama.


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