Happy Birthday, Abigail!!

Friday, June 22, 2012, Abigail Aurora officially entered toddlerhood as she celebrated her 3rd birthday. She is waaaaaaaay too smart for the rest of us already and we can’t wait to watch her blossom into the amazingly wonderful young woman she will someday become.

I made her cake all by myself. No one got hurt.

Elmo with a present and ice cream cone!

Strawberry Cake! Yes, we started with his head. We’re cannibals.


Then Abby opened her presents (which were all cool) but the biggest and most anticipated was a new bicycle. Daddy bought one, but he had to put it together.


Step 1: Unwrap and gather your parts.

Step 2: Invite your minions to assist.

Step 2.5: Sigh with growing impatience as minions locate streamers and pause to perform the Streamer Dance.

Step 3: Remove minion assembled pieces.

Step 4: Repeat Step 3 and sigh heavily.

Step 5: Give up and read instructions.

Step 6: Put the pedals on.

Step Sev–: Yeah. Swear and beat pedal with hammer until it stays in place.

Step 8: Smile and wave goodbye as Daddy mutters “…never getting another bike…”


Dear Abigail,

You are smart, funny, kind, loving, beautiful, sweet, strong, brave and very, very important. Daddy and I love you so so much and we’re glad you’re part of our lives. We wish you much love, happiness, success and contentment in your future and we’ll be here for you every step of the way.  Happy third birthday, Sweetheart.


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