WTF, Twitter?? I’m DUNHAMLESS!


So I logged on today specifically to DM JEFF DUNHAM because I just finished reading his book…which was published a couple years ago…I’m slow.  Sue me.

But could I? No. Why? Apparently he is no longer following me. Why? Well, because apparently I was no longer following HIM.


I didn’t unfollow anybody…certainly not Jeff Dunham.  I mean, come on.

On my ever growing list of followers…not the name I so wanted to see.

But Bonnie the freaking ELF is still there.

Go figure.

So, I tweeted to @JeffDunham to let him know there was a major unexplainable mistake and that I wouldn’t unfollow him for cash (or even brownies!) and to please refollow me.

30 seconds later I tweeted and offered him cookies.

30 seconds after that I sent him an email begging to be refriended.

I think I’m officially a stalker now. No, I’m not. I just looked up stalker and I don’t follow him around, don’t sit at his facebook page waiting for movement and I’ve never collected his hair from a shower drain.


And ICK.

But, until all is right in the world and I have my Jeff Dunham back I will be sad…and rereading the book…and watching the DVDs…and weeping.

Come on…it’s JEFF DUNHAM, y’all.


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