And They Call It Puppy Luh-huh-huh-hove

[Apologies to Donny Osmond.]

Because we’re busy, because we can’t afford it, because we felt we needed a challenge or because we’re just insane

One of those is the reason we got a puppy. I’m not sure which one exactly, but one of those.

The thing is? So far she’s awesome and has fit right in and she’s less like a pet and more like Matt and I had another baby. She is SO good tempered! She does puppy things, like chewing on your hand (because either that’s just what puppies do or because she can detect the lingering aroma of a Baconator) and trying to run off with whatever she can reach. But, really? She’s barked a high pitched feeble bark twice. Once because she pooped (or because she pooped and then ran out of things to do on her own and wanted someone to play with her) and once because she discovered she was too small to hop up on the couch on her own.

She hugs (HUGS!!) Abigail, plays with her, lets Abby feed her and, uh…pose her (don’t ask. Soon this may also involve purses and my dress shoes). She is sweet, friendly and so stinking CUTE.

We named her “River.” We drove up River Road to get her, the song on the radio said something about the river and today Matt told me it’s her soul’s name, trust him. And honestly? It seems to fit her. She also answers to it, which is something because the people we got her from were calling her “Daisy.” She’s not a Daisy.

She’s the Anti-Daisy.

[There. Now you know. The opposite of Daisy is River.]

Right now the only item of furniture she can sit on is the loveseat (it’s the same height as the couch??) so she laid on it next to me this morning and dozed while I watched the news. She’s so CUTE!

And we own a carpet cleaner, so all is well. 😀


9 thoughts on “And They Call It Puppy Luh-huh-huh-hove

  1. Sounds like you are going to need that carpet cleaner. 🙂 Do not, under any circumstances, give that dog an old sock to chew… unless you want every sock in your house to become fair game. Also, don’t encourage the barking thing. Trust me. I get Mr. Man to bark once a day when “Daddy’s Home”. Sounds like you got a puppy at the right time for Abby. She’s old enough to not chew the dogs tail, but not too old to not want to cuddle with it. And being a puppy, River will grow to have Abby be her best life-long friend. And I”m thinking Abby should have named the dog. But that’s just me.


    • You want Abby to name the puppy? Do you remember when we brought Chayton home and the other kids couldn’t pronounce her name and called her “Baby Satan?” lol nonononono


    • Well so far Abby can’t settle down, therefore she prances everywhere which River takes to mean PLAYTIME! and attacks her ankles, etc. All I do is holler. I holler at the dog for biting, I holler at Abby for inciting a riot, and then everyone pees on the carpet. It’s great. Help me.


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