You Found Me, HOW?

A few of my friends with blogs have been discussing the search terms used by people to get to their blogs. What this means is that when someone sits down and types these things into Google or Bing, Google or Bing will bring them to your blog. So, one would expect for mine “Respectfully Disrespectful” or “Elisa Ashley” would get you here…they do. But so do these:



The first one I highlighted is apparently a search for a support group for people afraid to age. This is relevant because my birthday was last Friday and right now I’m pretty sure even my blog is trying to tell me something. Or it is overly attached to me and is verging on some weird codependency issue.

There’s one I didn’t highlight in the middle  “Is adios disrespectful” Seeing as how I don’t think I speak Spanish…I don’t know how I can help you.

Or if you searched “curtain tendencies” um…I’m assuming your curtains are haunted and have tendenices to do their own thing. Like billow for no reason.

The last one is my favorite. This means someone came to WordPress and typed in “used diaper” “garbage” and “her diaper” and WordPress thought of me specifically. Seriously. If I remind you of used diapers and make you think you smell garbage we need to discuss our relationship.. Apparently I need to clean my house again. I do NOT wear diapers.

Yet. Give me another traumatic birthday or two.



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