The Big Scary Tomato

I grew up in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Up there a “major weather event” is usually snow related. We’ve experienced the odd earthquake and heard of a tornado or flood or two. But…while weather like that can be serious, and breaks my heart when I see the damage afterwards (usually on television) I think I thought of it as “part of life” and the planet we live on does these things and we’ve been here a while, we’re survivors, we’ve adapted to fit our environment or…whatever. It just is…but it was never us. Everything was always happening to someone else. Another state, another city, another school.

Then I moved to Alabama.

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The Mouths of Babes…

Me: Sweetie, you’re learning so much, you’re growing up!

Abby: No I’m not.

Me: Sure you are. You’re growing up!

Abby (looking at her daddy and me): I don’t want to grow up. I want to be like you two!