Here We Go Again (or the one where nothing gets fixed. Again.)

I just got off the phone with the landlord because our air conditioner doesn’t work. This past weekend it was around 90 outside and around 87 inside and at times cooler outside than inside. UNBEARABLE.

This is the same landlord who hasn’t sent anyone to fix our plumbing. The kitchen sink drains into the side yard, and the washing machine drains into the back side yard. It’s so wet back there that the grass grows at least a foot every week (I know this because I mow every week and it’s disgraceful), and it stays wet because the ground is so saturated it doesn’t soak up the water anymore. It’s hard to mow because the mower and I sink in and, well…ICK.

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Conversations with The Son v.1

via Facebook:
Me: Just buzzing past. I miss you, haven’t heard from you in a while. My cell phone died…um..ok. I washed it in the machine. I dried it, but it still didn’t work. Another one is on the way. It’ll be easier to text then. ((hugs))
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Two Sticks and a Piece of String

I’m not entirely new to knitting. I learned in early 2009, and managed to make a baby sweater, hat, mittens, baby booties, and three matching sweaters before the baby came in June 2009. After that I was busy with a new baby/tired/homeless/poor until recently.

Recently I got back into knitting and I’ve made baby bunny booties, 3 gaiters, a preemie hat, three summer tops and half a baby blanket. At Easter Matt enrolled me into the Crafter’s Choice book club so for Easter I received 4 knitting books. They’re all informative and I’m learning many things. I was especially excited by “Knitting Everyday Finery” by Mel Clark. If you’re into knitting and haven’t heard of her, please check out her book and her website.

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Adios, Papa!

Matt’s job doesn’t require traveling, and as far as Abby’s concerned none of the jobs he’s had have required traveling. So, for being away from Daddy she’s just used to him going to work and coming home at dinnertime. She’s had to stretch her thinking a bit with this job and Matt being on call every other week.

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