Happy Birthday, Abigail!!

Friday, June 22, 2012, Abigail Aurora officially entered toddlerhood as she celebrated her 3rd birthday. She is waaaaaaaay too smart for the rest of us already and we can’t wait to watch her blossom into the amazingly wonderful young woman she will someday become.

I made her cake all by myself. No one got hurt.

Elmo with a present and ice cream cone!

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Inella Sophie Bulicz Nelson

…was my grandmother. Affectionately called “Gramma” by my brother and me when we were little and then by my children when they came along. She was born in Pennsylvania..the first American born in our family. Her parents emigrated from Poland. Her mother and aunt made the journey together and fell in love here in Pennsylvania. I forget the details, but at some point her parents ran a small store together and eventually had five children.

Gramma, about age 5 (1928?)

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Jumping Into Something New

According to Blogher (see widget on right side) June is the month to JUMP. In keeping with that (and purely by accident) I am/have been jumping out of my comfort zone and into the real world to offset all the hermit-like tendencies I’ve been cultivating since we moved down here.

In 2010.

Shut up.

Because I’ve started knitting again I Googled my local area and found a cool yarn shop (where I got some wonderful supplies!) and a knitting group that meets every Monday. I even went so far as to ask my sister-in-law if she’d babysit so I could go. (I don’t go out and I don’t ask for help, so this was a big deal.) I also invited one of the women over to my house. (I had to bail on that, but I get points for asking.) To get to the meeting I had to ask for help and the group put me in touch with another woman who lives near me who lets me ride with her. (Points for talking on the phone and for making small talk with a stranger.)

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